Behind the Scenes

Pre-Visit Checklist
We start with an email briefing, explaining that the images cannot be modified post-scan. The system has no facility to make improvements or airbrush any weaknesses. We advise our clients to let their staff know well in advance that we are coming, so as to avoid unnecessary disruption.

On Arrival
We start with an initial recce. This allows us to plan our scanning route and grid for the best walkthrough experience. We open any doors to ensure a clear walkway, and go through our checklist with the client.

Equipment Setup
This is extremely quick. All we need is the camera, a tripod, and an iPad and we are ready to go.

Scan Commences
Each individual snapshot takes about 60 seconds, so including camera moves we can manage approximately 40 per hour. As we go, we are able to check our progress and mark up windows and mirrors in our app, so the scan comes back perfectly first time.

If our client has Wi-Fi onsite, with a fast Internet connection, we may be able to upload the model there and then. Otherwise we will upload back at our office.

Add Information
Within 24 hours, we usually have the model ready. We then add virtual pins, labels, and address information if appropriate.

Walkthrough Goes Live
Here’s an example of the scan we did while the photos above were being taken.