“A lot of people I got comments from said that the tour was a really nice thing to be able to do.” – Turan

Coldsmoking is an artisanal cooking school based in Milton Keynes. They offer food courses and workshops, and founder Turan knew that the experience he offered could enriched by offering a 3D virtual tour of his facility. Having met Iain through a networking group, Turan trusted that he would be in safe hands with Visual Realms and revelled in the opportunity to expand his existing website to include a tour.

Since the easy process of having the 3D tour model produced by Visual Realms, Turan has had customers comment on the value it has added to his website and business. The labels and tags on the tour mean that potential and existing customers alike can explore the space and understand more about the cookery school by interacting fully with it online.

You can interact with the tour yourself below:


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