Is 3D the Future of Retail?

Last week, Walmart announced their latest online shopping experience: a virtual showroom complete with ‘buy now’ links on all the major items.

Click to visit the Walmart page

It works pretty well, and gives a great impression of the items in context. It’s very useful, for example, to see how deep the sofa is compared to a standard chair, or how tall the bookshelf is compared to the desk. If your online retail experience could use some wow-factor, give us a call on 01908 239971.

What interested me was how many major publishers immediately picked up the story: Fortune, CNet, USA Today, Fox, MSN and many more ran stories, not just a rehash of the press release but their own content. Even major retailers don’t get an easy ride when it comes to PR; they have to earn their coverage like everybody else (even if they do have enough marketing spend to grease the editorial wheels). What is clear though, is that if you do something new and cool, people will take notice, and you can get some serious press attention.

To reiterate, the system we use is exactly the same as Walmart’s. To start getting yourself some of that valuable press attention, give us a call on 01908 239971.

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