The Ridgeway Centre

“Visual Realms is one of the best companies we’ve ever worked with.” – Donna

The Ridgeway Centre has been described as something of a hidden jewel in Milton Keynes: it is a wonderful events venue with an unassuming exterior, but all too few people have heard about it. A virtual tour was the perfect tool to show off just how great The Ridgeway Centre is.

Having a virtual tour means that The Ridgeway Centre can be explored by people and organisations based outside of MK, such as the NHS, who have had conferences at Ridgeway in the past. The Visual Realms virtual tour has come to be an essential tool for giving potential customers the chance to explore and learn what to expect from the space.

The process of working with Visual Realms was both simple and impressive. Any worries were assuaged by Visual Realms’ friendly, professional approach to creating an effective 3D model, and the finished product surpassed all expectations.

Take a look for yourself below:

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